Schloss Föhren

The Hofladen | Venison & Delicacies

The Hofladen at Schloss Föhren is a point of sale for venison hunted in the Kesselstatt reserve in the Meulenwald.

Venison is the meat of free roaming wild animals that feed on a wide variety of grasses, herbs and fruit from wild trees and bushes. Venison has a unique spicy taste and is rich in minerals thanks to the animals' well exercised muscles and low body fat.

In the Meulenwald we hunt:

  • Wild boar = male wild boar, wild sow, young wild boar (1-2 years and 0-1 year)
  • Red deer = stag, hind, calf
  • Roe deer = roebuck, doe (Ricke or Geiss), fawn


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